Real Estate Photography


There are many benefits to using a professional photographer to capture your property when you decide to sell.

This is a good article by one of the top real estate websites: Click on the link to read the article.

NEG photography does have editing skills, use professional equipment, have my cameras serviced regularly and understand the angles and presentations required to market your home. (A little secret, I actually was a licensed Real Estate Agent and in the industry for over 15 years).

The other question you may have is how do I present my home for sale?

Well also have a great article, click on the image to take you to the article.

On the day of your photo shoot, should something need a slight adjustment; NEG photography will relocate items to ensure the best image is taken.

The turn around for images is generally 48 hours. However, should my work loads be extensive this will be mentioned upon booking to ensure that all advertising deadlines are met for you.

Please view my gallery to gain a full understanding of how NEG photography can assist you with capturing your property.


Pricing is as follows:

During business hours:              Dawn:                                        Dusk/Twilight

Front shot only:       $80             Front shot only:    $200              Front shot only:     $190 

2-4 images:           $145             2-4 images:          $250              2-4 images:           $260

5-8 images:           $175           

9-12 images:         $220               

Floor plans:

Black & White - Standard Floor Plan             Colour - Premium Floor Plan

0 - 250sq. m            $70                                0 - 250sq. m            $80

250 - 350sq. m        $90                                250 - 350sq. m        $100

Above 350sq. m      $110                              Above 350sq. m      $120

Location Images $55 per image

All fees include GST

Times allocated for shoots - Front shot 30 mins, 2-4 images 1 hour, 5-8 images 90 mins, 9-12 images 2 hours.

This includes minimal time for styling and adjustments. De-cluttering and styling by the agent and/or client is recommended prior to the appointment time.

Overnight processing requests are $55 per image.

Cancellation fee of $100 if cancelled with in 24 hours of the shoot, if weather is not a determining factor.

Black & White Floor Plan                                          Premium Floor Plan

and Floor Plans

Illawarra | Shoalhaven | Southern Highlands


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Drone photography is also available. Now working closely with:

Video/Slideshow: $750

Spanning 60-90 seconds in length

Up to 12 still images

Video panning of lifestyle features

Up to 4 aerial images (which feature the property)

Aerial videography

Floor plan included