NEG cards


Saying thank you is one way to keep your clients for life.

What about sending a graduation congratulations for their son or daughter, an anniversary card for the purchase of their house or a note to say that you appreciate their business.

You can purchase blank cards from NEG photography and give an NEG card to your clients anytime you wish.

All cards are A6 in size (148mm x 105mm) and come with a coloured envelope of your choice.

You would need to know 5 things before placing your order:

1. How many cards would you like?

    Standard quantities are:

    50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 or 2500

2. What colour card would you like?

    Colours are available in white, grey or black with envelopes in a range of colours  (See below)

3. What coloured Envelope you would like?

4. Which orientation you would prefer? Options being Portrait (left) or Landscape (right).

5. Which image would you like to have on the front cover?

    Please view the gallery below.

    Kindly take note of the image number as this will be required on the order form. 


    Click here for other images


An Australian Thank You Card